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«Free for all»- «My son the Fanatic» comparison

The short stories «Free for all» and «My son the Fanatic» are two different stories with similar outcomes. Both stories are about a father who is displeased about his son deviating from his own believes and values.  In «Free foe all», the son is deviating from his father`s believes in the Koran by growing long hair and enjoying what the western world has to offer.Fortsett å lese ««Free for all»- «My son the Fanatic» comparison»

Spotlight: Theory

The movie Spotlight, directed by Tom McCarthny, is based on a true occurrence in Boston 2002. The newspaper The Boston Globe uncovered a scandal in the catholic church. It was discovered over 70 priest whom had been sexually abusing young boys. Although these priests had earlier been accused, the church, together with the whole town,Fortsett å lese «Spotlight: Theory»

introduction post

Hello, there! Welcome to my first ever post her on my blog. My name is Victoria, nice to meet you. Hobbies and interrests: I would call myself an artist and a pianist in my freetime. I usually do traditional art and pop music. I also really like lisening to music, reading books and magazines andFortsett å lese «introduction post»

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